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Eclipse Wool Carpet welcomes you. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. We hope you enjoy your time here and come back often to see if anything has changed or just to look at more of our luxurious carpet.

We put this site up because words cannot describe the beauty, unique coloration and patterning of our carpets. We want you to be able to view our carpet in the comfort of your home or office. This helps you be better informed when you visit your local carpet dealer.

Does this site seem different from the cookie-cutter sites of our competition? We hope so! You will find that our carpet also is different from the cookie-cutter sameness of our competition.

Wools of New Zealand IconAll our carpet is made from the finest New Zealand Wool. New Zealand produces the strongest, cleanest, softest and longest lasting wool available. Making carpet that meets the standards of the world reknowned Wools of New Zealand organization is very difficult. Unlike many manufacturers, we go that extra mile because we know it is worth the effort to be sure our customers get only the very best.

That means we can produce heirloom carpets that feel good. Carpets that retain their brightness and beauty long after synthetics have become dull and worn. Luxurious carpets that pamper your feet.

As we are one of America's largest importers of New Zealand wool yarns we can pick and choose only the highest grades of yarn. This also means we can buy in large enough quantities to keep our pricing affordable.

Our skilled carpet artisans fabricate this ageless floor covering right here in the United States. You can enjoy carpeting that is not only natural and kind to our environment, but also carpet with the quality only "Made In America" can offer.

Thanks to the buying power of Eclipse, you can enjoy well made, "green" carpeting that keeps Americans working. Yet carpeting that is affordable.

Browse through our many styles and colors and find that "perfect" fit for your home or business. ThenShave a sheep, Save a Tree! go to your local carpet dealer and ask to look at real samples. Look at the samples, run your hands across them, press down and feel the softness and depth of our fine carpet. Imagine not only how good it will look on your floor, how long it will last, but also how good it will feel.

If, for some reason, your local carpet dealer does not carry Eclipse Wool Carpet, give them the address of this web site. They can quickly locate our representative in their area and get samples for you.

Find the carpeting you want, order the size you need. That is when you get another surprise. Eclipse will ship your carpet in a couple of weeks and can even ship custom colors in only 6 to 8 weeks. Forget the months of waiting that our competitors force upon you!

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