In fabulous elegance, with lights down low

Only the finest, chosen by those who know.

Heirlooms and treasures, mahogany and teak

Romantic and pleasant but ever so chic

Fine wool of perfection under your feet

To bring it all together you need Elite!

Elite is an elegant thick level loop carpet that can make any room special. Elite's fine texture and exquisite softness adds grandeur to all its surroundings. Elite quietly states "style" and "taste" without overpowering your carefully selected furnishings. Of course, as a floor covering you can proudly display, it is, as it must be, made of 100% New Zealand wool.

You can see small pictures of the colors to your left. Click on any of them to see a large picture which better shows the detail of the soft thick pile and the beauty of the colors.

Our commitment to our living ecosystem and renewable resources never ends. New Zealand wool is one of the most "green" carpeting materials available. It is also the most beautiful, the most luxurious, the softest and the longest lasting.

Call or visit your local carpet dealer and ask for Elite by Eclipse Wool Carpets. If they are one of the few that do not have samples of this fantastic carpet, all they have to do is check our site for the representative in their area.

You must actually see and feel Elite. Like all our styles, you will be surprised not only at how unique each style really is, but at the affordable pricing as well. We know that "Made in America" can stand for both superb quality as well as affordability. Call your dealer now!