Eco Natural Sisal


It's up to us to safeguard our world

To proclaim our care with banners unfurled

At all costs we must work to preserve

To keep and protect, to save and conserve

But now the challenge is easy to face

This carpet protects with style and grace.

There is a story behind our Eco Natural Sisal. All wool carpet is Eco-Friendly as it is a renewable resource. We, however, wanted to go further. What if it was not only wool, but also was free of dyes and chemicals? What if it was even finished with an Eco-Friendly backing?

We searched the world over to find sheep with different colors of wool so that we not only would give you an Eco-Friendly carpet, but also be able to give you carpet that would blend with your decor.

Colors without dyeing? Was it possible? YES! We are able to present you with naturally colorful wool blends with no dyeing involved!

Next, we wanted to make a carpet that was not only Eco-Friendly and colorful, but also soft, comfortable and always in style. To do this we applied a texture of sculptured high-low loop. The sculptured effect is a timeless design that will give you both comfort and style for many years to come.

Of course we couldn't back this Eco-Freindly carpet with the backings that are used on normal carpets. Again we looked and researched and came up with EnviroCel Laminate Plus. This backing, while being made of recyclables, and with low VOC's is actually better than normal backing.

EnviroCel gave us just what we were looking for. Like the Eco-wool face, we wanted the backing to not only be Eco-Friendly, but to actually excel on its own merits. This backing is lighter and more flexible than normal backing. At the same time, it is also stronger and longer lasting being highly resistant to both wear and water damage.

This makes the entire carpet retain its natural beauty much longer. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is the energy factor. While all wool carpets provide insulation and energy savings, this backing goes even further than normal backing to provide energy savings and reduce noise pollution. By the way, the backing is actually green in color. The background on this page is a picture of the backing.

You can see small pictures of the colors to your left. Click on any of them to see a large picture which better shows the detail of the soft thick pile and the beauty of the colors. All computers and monitors are different so we can only give you a general idea of the colors and textures on screen.

To really see the beauty of this style, call or visit your local carpet dealer and ask for Eco Natural Sisal by Eclipse Wool Carpets. If they are one of the few that do not have samples of this fantastic carpet, all they have to do is check our site for the representative in their area.

You must actually see and feel Eco Natural Sisal. Like all our styles, you will be surprised not only at how unique each style really is, but at the affordable pricing as well. We know that "Made in America" can stand for both superb quality as well as affordability. Call your dealer now!